Saturday, November 03, 2007


Yeah, I know I haven't blogged in months. Yeah, I know you have no idea what's been going on in my life. Yeah, I know that's bad. SO here you go... updates since last I blogged.

I got home from Nationals and a very good friend passed away the very next day. Then I got a call from one of my very best friends asking me to be there when her child was born. So, I drove to PA to be there for the birth, then drove home to attend the funeral. I still managed to log 48 hours of work that week.

I started a new job. It's full time. I'm doing training for the same company I worked for earlier this year. Did I mention it's full time? And an hours drive from my house? The kids are NOT happy about this, but they're adjusting.

My brother and niece came from New Orleans to visit. We spent time here, and also went to Virginia Beach. It was a blast, and I'm looking forward to their visit next year.

I wrote like a maniac and managed to come "this close" to finishing ALMOST SOUTHERN. Seriously, I have tweaks to do, but other than that, it's done.

I started a new book for National Novel Writer's Month (NaNoWriMo) a few days ago. ALMOST SOUTHERN is actually a product of my NaNo efforts from last year, so hopefully this year will be productive as well.

My husband got a promotion at work. He now works many more hours than he's home. I enjoy the raise, but hate the time he's gone.

My husband also had his college graduation. We had a party at our house for this auspicious event. My in-laws attended, as did many other people. It was grand.

My children continue to grow like weeds. Oldest girl child is a beautiful young woman. Oldest boy child is taller than me. I think he's stronger too, but I'd never tell him that. Next oldest girl child is blossoming. I hate it. Youngest boy child continues to be the one that makes me laugh. Second youngest girl child ha become a voracious reader. (YAY!) The baby is still the baby, even though she's that one number that's one more than five. Some things never change. Thank God.

I've had some personal setbacks, of course...

I seriously thought I was have a split from reality towards the end of the summer. Thankfully, a friend stepped in and invited me and my fam to her getaway house on the Chesapeake Bay. She will never know what her kindness meant to me, nor will she ever fully realize how close I was to having a meltdown before she stepped in. To Robin, I am eternally thankful.

I was able to attend a gathering of some of the best people on this planet in Dayton, Ohio. Yes, I said Ohio. I met about 15 other writer and reader friends (also known as CHERRY BOMBS) in Dayton, to attend the signing of AGNES AND THE HITMAN by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer. Jenny and Bob hung out with us at The Cheesecake Factory before the event. We all stayed up way late after the event. Oldest Girl Child attended as well. It was one of the best times I've had this year.

I have a friend that is going through some physical problems right now. She's been very silent about them, dealing with most things on her own. She's in my thoughts constantly, and in my prayers daily. She's one of my Hero People, and she doesn't even know it.

I lost a friend recently. To cancer. I hate cancer. It's been around me way too much. This death hit me hard, possibly because it's the third death this year, more likely because the person that died was such an amazing inspiration to so many people. Margaret will be missed.

So, really, not too much going on here. That's why I've been so silent.

I have been keeping up (kind of) over on the book review blog. Right now, we're running a contest. Check it out.

I'll try to be better about updating at least once a week. However, with NaNo, you just never know. And for the Ohio contingent that checks in here (the ones from Dayton AND the ones in my family), I will try to post pictures of the kids soon.

Hope this was enough info for you all.