Sunday, May 25, 2008

The answer is: Six

So, what's the question?

Perhaps it is:

How many girls are in my Sunday School class?

or maybe:

How many children are living in my house?

or possibly it's:

How old was my baby, before her last birthday?

it could also be:

How many months has it been since I've blogged?

Well, regardless of the question, the answer remains. Six.

I can hardly believe it.

Yes, I'm teaching Sunday School now. I'm teaching with two other women, two totally amazing women, and it's really great. We are teaching girls in grades 7-9. That means that these young ladies are between 12 and 14 years old. It gets interesting in class some mornings, especially considering that one of them is the best friend of my oldest son, one of them is "liked" by my oldest son, and one of them has a HUGE crush on my oldest son. Which is all very strange for me, as the mother of my oldest son, let me assure you. I mean, this is the boy who refused to bathe unless bribed. The same boy who ate worms just to gross out his sisters' friends. And the girls in my class are just ga-ga over him. Go figure.

My babies are growing like nobody's business, and all are still living at home. For at least another few years. Unless the oldest decides to run away and join a rock band. Thankfully, she's not so musically inclined, so I think I have them all for at a little while longer.

The youngest, that darling child that I blogged about last year, is now a year older. It still doesn't seem quite right, I tell ya.

And now I've blogged again.

Hopefully, it won't be another six months before the next blog entry.

More to come...