Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yeah, I know I said...

I said i'd be better about posting here. And I was. For about a week.

Someone just recently reminded me in a very Cherry way that I should keep you guys updated once in a while, so here I am, updating you yet again... (Thanks, Robin, I needed the reminder!)

Somebody also mentioned that the little ones might not be so little anymore. So I'm including a photo of the two wee ones. Can you tell how much they've grown?

Kid update...

Oldest Girl Child - earned enough money to pay for her own car insurance, and now is working towards saving for her first car. She's also getting ready to put in college applications, and that's scary for us all.

Oldest Boy Child - is HUGE. Taller than me, of course. But might pass up The Man if he keeps growing. Big and strong, and so so tough, it amazes me that he was ever gently nestled inside of my body.

Second OGC - has taken over most of the household duties now that OGC is working. And she is becoming quite the cook, thanks. I think she gets that from her Mom. :)

Youngest Boy Child - Still the happy one. Except when he's fighting with one of his sisters. Which is often. But I still think his smile to frown ratio is higher than anyone else in this house.

Second Youngest Girl Child - Got accepted to an acting academy in the winter, but didn't go because of church obligations. May go in the fall though. She's such a ham, and would be a natural on anything that Disney produces. Except Jonas. There, she'd just be distracted.

The Baby - is still insisting that it's her right to sleep in our bed very often. Even though she just had one of those things where I pay her to pretend that she's not actually turning a year older. Most people call them birthdays and throw a party. I just cry.

Maybe I'll tell you more about them another day. For today though, I must remove my contacts before I scratch my eyes from my head.